My Name is David Harley

Episode 5 of Vaselina Springs, I-X, a multimedia production, conceived by Gary Bolding, with artwork and songs by Bolding; music produced by Gary Bolding and Ed Nicholson.

“My Name Is David Harley”

David Harley speaks directly to the audience from a position of unquestioning entitlement. David is Vaselina Springs’ Prince Charles– waiting irritably and impatiently for his turn on the throne. The idea that “all men are created equal” is laughable to David. He has never once attributed his elevated station to anything other than his obvious genetic superiority. Still, David is desperate to get out of his father’s shadow. He is sick to death of being “Mr. Lester’s boy.”

After an instrumental interlude, David returns to address the people of Vaselina Springs. He outlines what the new regime will expect from them in exchange for their continued ease and comfort.

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