In the Beginning

This is the kickoff track of the multimedia project by artist Gary Bolding, “Vaselina Springs and the Arkie DeLeons,” which features paintings and songs by Gary Bolding, with music produced by Gary Bolding and Ed Nicholson. ©2012

Episode 1: In The Beginning
We begin with the story of Eve being created from Adam’s rib. After their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, former golden boy Adam becomes a bitter drunk who refuses to forgive Eve for causing their fall from grace. The third verse details the invention of murder by Cain, one of the sons of Adam and Eve. One generation away from the introduction of the human species, and already we’ve got fratricide. It’s kind of discouraging, isn’t it? Murder as a convenient form of problem solving is a frequent theme in Vaselina Springs.

This song was inspired by the early work of Ricky Nelson and James Burton. Burton is a native son of Shreveport, Louisiana. Located just across the Red River from Shreveport, Bossier City was a place where our protagonist Tiffany Ann Foster frequently danced in nightclubs frequented by airmen from nearby Barksdale Air Force Base. A childhood friend of Little Arkie DeLeon, Tiffany Ann’s life story was the initial inspiration for The Arkie DeLeons in writing Vaselina Springs.

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