Matches and Dynamite

Episode 7: Matches and Dynamite

After being fired at the country club, Tiffany Ann begins her career as a dancer in area strip bars. Her young daughter, Susannah, the protagonist of Vaselina Springs: Season II, is introduced in this episode. The club’s owner allows Tiffany Ann to bring Susannah to work. Tiffany Ann leaves the toddler in the dressing room while she performs.

Amanda has no intention of relinquishing her coveted status as Mrs. David Harley. She defends her position with chilling ruthlessness. Disembarking from the gravy train is not part of Amanda’s agenda.

Time is Money

Episode 8: Time Is Money

Episode 8 explodes with a blast of festive quasi-Tejano music. Cheerfully exuberant horns provide a sharp contrast to darkly comic lyrics telling of Tiffany Ann’s spiraling decline into prostitution. More than a bit the worse for wear, Tiffany has become a hardened, but not unkind, streetwalker who plies her trade with the matter-of-factness of a piece worker trying to make her night’s quota.

Enough Ain’t Never Enough

Episode 9: Enough Ain’t Never Enough

David Harley reveals his darker, sadistic side. He continues to allow Tiffany Ann the same degree of consideration that he gives the handkerchief he uses to blow his nose. The only thing David wants is more. Tiffany copes by focusing on the bottom line.

Small Change

Episode 10: Small Change

In the season’s finale, Tiffany Ann dies under suspicious circumstances. The authorities rule her death accidental. The singer of the song suspects that he knows the truth, but he also knows that the “truth” doesn’t always count for much in Vaselina Springs. The status quo is maintained.